Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Quest to get healthy

For the most part Ryan and I are very healthy people. We enjoy water over any other beverage. Limit our alcohol intake to only on special occasions. We rarely eat fast food unless it is our only option; we rarely eat out, unless it is for a special occasion, such as with friends or date night (which has seems to be a rarity since 10-10-10). During the summer we walked almost every day and before I was pregnant we worked out every day to Julian Michaels…then came Emerie. Now, I am not blaming her for my lack of healthy habits these past few months or this cruddy weather or Ryan’s new work schedule…but those have all taken a toll on our ability to work out, walk and eat healthy.  So, with the New Year and the new baby…I begin my quest to get healthy. I will not call this a New Year’s resolution because those are bound to get broke.  As of now our pantry and fridge has plenty of healthy food options from fruit and veggies to whole grains and lean meats. So, we begin the quest with only healthy cooking! Next it is time to clean out the vitamin and supplement shelf and figure out what we really need to take and what is just taking up space. And lastly, pray for sun.  We have an amazing BOB stroller that is just dying to be used…as is the baby that is supposed to be in it is dying to get outside. So here is to our quest to get healthy again…and drop a few of these baby pounds that have worn out their welcome!

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  1. Amazon.com for the vitamis. Great deals on vitamins. I bought one for my husband called Rainbow light one a day for men and its awesome. You don't really want to know what I take because I take a massive amount of vitamins. But there is a big difference in vitamin brands!